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Gold (Au) is the least likely to oxide among all metals, making it a great choice of material to be used in a coffee dripper,  and have little affect to the taste & flavor of the coffee. Furthermore, Cores believe that a little amount of gold ions are making a positive influence on the taste of coffee.

While the vertical-shape mesh is big enough to be able to see with naked eye, it has the advantage of extracting coffee flavor oil, which is the essence of coffee flavors, directly into the cup. The unique mesh also allows hot water flows freely allowing fast extraction which bring out fruity & clean characteristic of specialty coffee.

The Cores Gold Filter can last  for year amd with no paper fitler required during brewing, it is more economical & environmentally friendly.

Recommended grind size: medium to coarse
Dimension: W12 x D10 x H7.5 cm
Weight: 20g
Maximum coffee ground capacity: 32g
Material: Gold plated stainless steel, polypropylene
Heat resistance temperature: 130C
Accessory: Filter holder

* Due to the nature of metal filters, there will be a small amount of ground coffee in the cup. However, this does not affect the quality of the cup. You may choose not to drink entirely and leave the coffee grounds on the bottom of the cup.