Colombia Supremo 100% Arabica Medium Roasted Coffee Beans 100gm 225gm "KOFI LAB"



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☕ Processing method : Washed

☕ Altitude : 1200m - 2000m

☕ Roasting Profile : Medium

☕ Packed in Aluminum foil with single-way valve.

☕ Net weight per pack : Trial bag 100g or 200g per bag.

☕ ????? ?? ????? : Fresher Bean and Better Coffee Quality

☕ Roasted by Kofi Lab

☕ Tasting note : balanced and smooth with notes of fruit, chocolate and caramel, a medium body, a bright acidity and a pleasant, clean aftertaste.

??? ?? ???? ???:

???? ??? was founded by several coffee lovers.

They are constantly experimenting with coffee from different countries, doing cupping and sourcing premium coffee beans everywhere, and come out with several signature blended coffee combinations.