Colombia Julio Cortez ( White Wine Process)


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Country : Colombia

Region : El Descanso, Colombia

Elevation : 1900 - 1950 masl

Varietal : Castillo

Roast level : Light

Weight : 100g

Tasting notes : 

 Whats special? Its White wine process.

Not as literal as it sounds but its a natural process where cherries are fremented for extended period of time under controlled environment. 


This coffee as much as i hate to say it, its definately complex and balanced. In a good way. Let me explain. 


At first sip, this coffee reminds me of a chardonnay. White notes dominates, till it reaches around 55°c, purple and brown notes starts to appear. Dark cherries, red wine (Cabernet), dark cherries, raisins and palm sugar. Medium body. Medium acidity. Has a medium-high sweetness and medium long 60% dark chocolate finish. Overall something for both fruity lovers and balanced lovers.