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Project Origin Cupping notes

87pts: Stonefruit and orange peel aroma are followed by creamy mouth feel of peach jam, caramel, papaya and blackcurrant.



Region: Jambalo, Cauca
Producer: Jorgelina Medina
Varietal: Castillo
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1,700 m


When did you start growing coffee?

The first member of my family who started to produce coffee was my brother-in- law Jaime; we learned how to cultivate this product from him. My father-in-law gave his farm to my husband and his siblings, so each of us started to grow coffee on their piece of land 9 years ago. We have done well with coffee cultivation because the quality achieved on this land is excellent, we produce Specialty Coffee and we receive good money when we sell it. We hope to keep the quality of our product or even improve it.

How does growing specialty coffee help you and your family?

I live at the farm with my husband, Angel (41 years old), and my two children, Jeferson (18 years old) and Jazmin (8 years old), who are studying at the local school. With the premium money, I bought a piece of land of the Santander de Quilichao Municipality where I hope to build a house, and I made some renovations and improvements at my farm ́s house.

Processing Details

» Coffee is picked when cherries are purple
» Pulped next day after picking
» Dry fermentation for 24-36 hours, then washed 4 times » Dried slowly over 15-20 days (Parabolic dryer)
» Moisture content is reduced to 10-12%