Colombia Betania Huila


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In Colombia the vast majority of coffee is cultivated, harvested and processed on small family owned farms. While these producers are their own architects, designing farm management and post-harvest solutions to fit their needs. The Excelso grade is the designation for beans that will not pass through a screen opening below 14/64 of an inch.

This Colombian is grown at Betania in the Huila region. This fully washed coffee was grown at an altitude of 1,400 - 1,600 meters. Being medium light roasted, it gives you sweet citrus upfront while some hint of Honey sweetness in its after taste.

Region Betania Huila
Altitude 1,400 - 1,6000 MS
Varietal Caturra, Castillo, and Typica
Process Washed
Roasting Level Medium Light
Taste Note Herbal
  Citrus Fruit

Recommended Brews: Espresso, Pour Over, French Press, Cold Brew


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