Coffee Drip Bag - Sitio Mae Da Providencia, Brazil

Sitio Mae Da Providencia, Brazil 

Drip Bag 6pcs

Notes: Jumbo Raisin, Macadamia, 65% Dark Chocolate

Process: Natural

Variety: Icatu






When he was a kid, Edenilson Aparecido de Carvalho used to go to the coffee plantation to see his father working and he started learning from the young age about every step on the coffee production. He thought that activity was fascinating and decided that he was going to become a coffee producer. Right after his 19th birthday, he began to work with a friend to gain profit and save up money to buy a land of his own. A couple of years passed and he finally got his small farm and built a house for his family to live and work together. Coffee is his only activity, which he does with a lot of passion and responsibility. SMC and Cooxupé provided to the coop members lessons and lectures about specialty coffees and Edenilson participated on every single one of them, in order to enhance his production and improve the quality. His goal was to find clients who would appreciate his coffee in the cup and be glad about it, as he is when cropping and preparing in his farm.


All this effort was worth it; Edenilson won the first place at a specialty coffee prize Cooxupé and SMC held in 2019. He was beyond happiness and as a religious man, thanked God in his speech, saying that it was a blessing and a dream coming true.