Brazil Minasul Co-op Fine Cup


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The largest coffee-growing state in Brazil, Minas Gerais accounts for nearly 50% of the country’s production. It also happens to be a major source of Brazilian specialty coffee. Founded in 1958, the Minasul Co-op has built an impressive reputation founded on the values of respect, transparency, and loyalty among its 5,500 members. They receive coffee from over 100 municipalities within Minas Gerais and have built its capacity over the years. Minasul now adopts a modern automated process that is capable of storing 750,000 bags and even runs its own competition, the “Minasul Coffee Quality Competition” that aims to promote the coffees of Minas Gerais. Co-operative Minasul is Fairtrade certified.

This Brazil Minasul Co-op, is grown in the well known Minas Gerais Region, being medium light roasted by ABeans, it gives the classical cup of espresso with obvious hint of berries notes asides from its nuttiness for the overall complexity.  Explore this coffee bean with espresso (black & white) and filter!

Region Minas Gerais
Altitude 1,470 ms
Varietal Mixed
Process Natural
Roasting Level Medium Light
Taste Note Berries

Recommended Brews: Espresso, Pour Over, French Press, Cold Brew

*Our coffee beans are roasted on-demand, roast date will be stated. Default roasting sessions on every Monday & Thursday unless otherwise scheduled. Cut-off time: 12P.M.*