Best of Honduras Late Harvest 2019: LOS CEDROS - Natural (Espresso Roast)


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Project Origin Cupping notes

Aroma–Flavour: Cherry, Dark Chocolate, Panela, Caramel, Blackcurrant, Wine, Papaya, Red Apple

Acidity: Complex, citric, grapes like, tartaric




Area: San francisco, Morazán, Yoro
Producer: Juan Manuel Hernández
Varietal: IH – Café 90
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1,600 m

The ‘Best of’ auctions were first established in order to represent small producers who were unable to participate in larger auction events, as well as to bring people to origin to establish direct trade relationships with these producers.

The ‘Best of Honduras: Late Harvest’ auction takes place in late July and accepts coffees from different areas of Honduras, whose coffees mature slowly and are harvested outside of the typical harvest season.

Project Origin founder, Saša Šestić says that the aim is to enable these producers, who may miss commercial opportunities due to their late harvest, to be sampled and shared across the world with coffee professionals.

“The unique microclimates [in Honduras] means many farmers here are picking exceptional crop from March onwards, but it will never see representation at COE (Cup of Excellence) auctions due to timing alone,” Saša said.

“They’re some of the most delicious coffees I have ever tasted.”



I dedicate myself to growing coffee since the age of 12 years, due to my parents are coffee growers. I began growing 600 plants of coffee, and afterwards my parents decided to move to El Progreso, Yoro and continue with other businesses and during 6 years y returned to give maintenance to the coffee plants I had left behind and began to harvest my fist coffees, and I liked this business of growing coffee and decided to plant more coffee.

At 25 years I decided to get married and form a family, and with me wife we decided to live in the mountain to manage the coffee, But in 2004 the price came down so much that I could no longer provide for my family and I had to make a decision and migrate to the USA. With the money I sent back home we could grow more coffee and give better maintenance to the farm, and I returned after 3 years. I kept working with coffee, my dream was to export to other countries, taking my coffee to Ihcafe to be cupped I met Rony Gamez, coffee cupper.

I am so happy to have a buyer for my coffee, specially that he is from Australian I wish to continue doing business with them and every day continue improving my coffee quality and my family Hernández.

The drying is done, by solar dryer and it takes 20 days for it to be dry. Once dried, we check the coffee, and we bag it. It is placed in clean bags and stored in a clean area, secure from the moisture and the heat. . We are planting new varieties of coffee to improve the profile of a cup and this way, we'll be able to continue selling specialty coffee for a long time.
This is the way I have found to help my family and to provide a good way of life. I hope to continue fighting for coffee, because it's the only way of living that we have as a family and I am truly grateful for my buyer, because every year they have selected my coffee.