ANKOMN | Everlock Turn&Lock | Airtight Food Storage Containers 2.4L

Soon Specialty Coffee


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  • [Everlock True Airtight Design] – We promise, you have NEVER seen anything like the Everlock canister set for the kitchen counter because this is a REAL airtight seal. Unlike cheap imitations, the Everlock seal is amazingly strong and sturdy.
  • [Chemical-Free Plastic] – We used only the best plastics in the design of our food storage containers and lids. That means BPA-free, chemical-free, 100% safe and built to last for years. High-quality seals will hold even in long-term dry storage.
  • [Everyday Use] – You’ll finally be able to get rid of your “pantry full of bags” with your canister set because it has unlimited uses! These food storage containers are perfect for storing coffee, cereal, candy, flour, sugar, trail mixes, and more.
  • [Smart Storage Saves Space] – Best of all, the containers are designed to stack so you’ll easily be able to clear out space on your countertops or in your pantry. Eliminate clutter in your kitchen by condensing, organizing, and prioritizing!