10 coffee drip bags 100% Arabica

Drum Coffee Roaster


Available Now!

Drip bag coffee now comes in gift box! Each box contains 10 sachets of ready-to-brew coffee. 

Real coffee made convenient. 100% Arabica. Freshly roasted, ready to brew, delivered to your doorstep. Just pour hot water over the coffee grounds and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee with your bread. 

You already have our gift box ? Well just buy the refill containing 10 drip bags and save some cash.

Medium roast Bracol (Brazil and Colombia blend)

- Mild taste with hints of cherry, prunes, chocolate 

- Suitable for black coffee drinker with no sugar added 

 Dark roast Braqua (Brazil and Guatemala blend)

- Strong taste with hints of dark cherry, nutty, caramel 

- Suitable for those who prefer it with milk and sugar 

You can also add milk or sugar. Enjoy it the way you like!