Wes Ngopi


Hello there,

We believe in quality and transparency. We select the highest quality of coffee from a long list of suppliers that we have. Being the second largest commodity in the world, selecting the highest quality coffee can be challenging. Different coffee are bred and grown on a different terroir even though it is from the same origin, the outcome is still the same.

Here at the Bunamarket, we focus on the Blends of the various origins that we have. The brewing method or the extraction method can either be on the V60, Espresso or even cold brew.

Before we roast our coffee for production, all of the green beans are tested with various different profile. Currently we are using Ikawa Pro to develop our roasting profile. Ideally, there should be a single profile to express the quality of each coffee origin. We believe that the way the coffee is planted will influence the final cup of the coffee rather than how it is brewed as long as the roasting profile remain constant for each origin.

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