Wells Cafe


What are the things behind a coffee? A fruit? A drinks? A culture or a story?
Coffee is a fruit. Just when you picking up a fresh red coffee cherry, you will realize that you had misunderstanding this beautiful things for your entire life.
Coffee, a delightful fruitiness, a familiar acidity, all of these flavor are the soul of this drink.
We insist light roasting just to maintain coffee’s own characteristic
We insist pick the best beans just to share with our valued customers
We insist our coffee roasting doesn’t encounter second crack just to make sure our customer doesn’t taking in any carcinogen.
The concept is let parallel lines which represent people in different industry, across and meet at a certain point.

In Wells, we brew, we share.



Address: No.79, Jalan Nagor, Georgetown 10050 Pulau Pinang

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Wells-cafe
contact number : +60164599863
instagram : https://www.instagram.com/wellscafe.pg/