TIMEMORE Coffee Grinder Advance 123Go - Titanium Coated Burr



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  1. Please DO NOT grind more than 60g per continuous grinding 
  2. Do not grind very light coffee beans in 0-2 clicks. Orherwise, it may get the generator to start overheat protection and it will stop working for more than 10 min
  3. DO NOT wash it with water or any liquid
  4. Do not use fast charger, it's recommedned to use 5V 1A to 2A adapter
  5. DO not touch the dial when it's working 
  6. Do not touch the burrs while it's working 
  7. The max capacity of the glass cup is 60 grams. please DO NOT continue grinding after the glass cup is full 
  8. The max capacity of the dripper is 15grams. 
  9. It's normal if you find a little water drops in the dripper since we test one by one before we pack
  10. There may be some residual water in the dripper which cant befalling down completely when its close to the cone level