Soon Specialty Coffee - Single Origin: Ethiopia Matunda Romance

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Matunda Romance G1, is an organic certified natural processed high quality coffee, produced by incredible smallholder growers in Guji farms located in the southern part of Ethiopia, about 470 km from Addis Ababa the capital of Ethiopia, known for producing high quality coffees.

The fertile soils, ideal temperature and elevation significantly contribute to the richness of this coffee. After cautiously picking and collecting the red ripe cherries, the micro lot is spread out and sun-dried on raised beds - turned every couple of hours to stop mould or over fermentation for a couple of weeks. This process enables the fruit of the coffee cherry to dry on the bean seed, under optimal moisture developing a flavourful complexity.

Origin:  Ethiopia

Region : Guji

Process : Organic Natural

Varietal : Heirloom

Roasting Level:  Light

Taste Notes : Rose , Peach , Lemon

产地: 衣索比亚 

产区: Guji



风味: 玫瑰, 水蜜桃, 柠檬

Suitable for Handbrew l Espresso

适合 手冲 l 浓缩咖啡