Myanmar Kayah

Region: Kayah, Myanmar

District & Village: Loi Kaw, De Mo So

Variety: C. Arabica, Catimor

Elevation: 1,100m

Average Annual Rainfall: 2800mm 

Processing: Fully washed. Sun dried fermentation on African raised bed with bags in 18 hours and washed. 75% Humidity. Plant age: 5 Years

Tasting Experience

Grown in the highlands of the famous Genius Shan Highlands Coffee Mill! In this coffee rich region of Kayah, it is a haven for coffee cultivation and rainfall. The Myanmar Single Estate produces a sweet, clean complex cup, with bass-y malty notes accompanied by a relaxing flow of floral aromatic nuances! Genius Shan Highlands Coffee Mill is famous in this region for their consistency and generous support of processing and dry milling coffees from other smaller coffee farmers in the Loi Kaw District. Definitely a sweeter cup to enjoy with friends knowing it comes from a fellow Southeast Asian sister!