"No need for circular movements. Total control over pouring. " 

"Delivering a consistently clean cup, fully extracting all of the flavor and characteristics of the beans while keeping the process simple." 

The idea came from Stefanos Domatiotis, World Brewers Cup Champion, a top class trainer and a passionate coffee lover. Stefanos noticed, that despite the fact that people were using great coffee beans, top class water, had amazing skills, enthusiasm and even some great devices, the result was a bit inconsistent.

He was seeing also consumers who love brewing feeling a bit intimidated from the result as they couldn’t have control over it. His inspiration came from the espresso machine and especially by the fact that you don’t have any heat and temperature loss so you have more control over the final result. It was by that time ,when he thought about the close thermo system adding the lid with the hole to prevent heat loss.

Manual methods are victim to human error and bad pouring techniques, but they are also very much dependent on the device you are using. Every equipment involved in the process affects the final result.

So now, we have GEM Series.


Featured Products:
GEM Dripper
• Premium porcelain material with great heat retention
• Porcelain that neither absorbs nor imparts flavors, ensuring heat retention
• Unique close thermo system enables a steady water flow & traps aroma modules
• Horizontal ribs for a perfect extraction
• Easy to use that promotes consistent brew
• Perfect for conical filter paper for 2-4 cups

GEM Server
• This server use high-quality borosilicate high temperature resistant glass
• Thick, high temperature glass for -20~+150 ℃/ -4~+302°F
• Considerable materials, the lid is made of 304 stainless steel and is highly resistant to corrosion.
• Unique shape, the spout is repeatedly polished to prevent the sag
• Special design curve spout for easy pouring and no dripping
• 300 - 500ml capacity

What's in the box:
(Dripper + Server set)
• 1 x Porcelain Dripper & Cover • 1 x Glass Server + 304 Stainless Steel Lid
• 1 x Dosage Spoon • Complementary set of 5 conical shaped filter paper